Black: The History of Black in Fashion, Society and Culture in New Zealand

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Black is a gorgeously illustrated celebration and exploration of New Zealand's obsession with clothing ourselves in black; in society, power and politics, cultural icons, sport, fashion, film and music, from the Little Black Dress to the All Blacks jersey, Dunedin goths, the businesspeople of Lambton Quay and the patched jackets of gang members.

New Zealanders choose to present ourselves to the world wearing black – and not just the All Blacks, Tall Blacks and Silver Ferns. Many of our fashion designers choose black as the cornerstone of their collections, and a great deal of our cultural icons (think Fred Dagg) are also characterised by wearing black.

Doris de Pont, founder of the New Zealand Fashion Museum and curator of the pop-up exhibition Black in Fashion, has brought together 10 richly illustrated essays on the importance of black in the New Zealand psyche in a collection to wow and inspire.

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