NOM*d: The Art of Fashion

 The e-book, NOM*d: The Art of Fashion, invites the reader to consider what happens when we think about fashion as art.

Edited by Hilary Radner and Natalie Smith, the publication was originally produced as an exhibition catalogue. It offers multiple points of views on the relations between art and fashion through an in-depth study of the Dunedin fashion label NOM*d and its creative director Margarita Robertson.

The e-book includes an essay that contextualises NOM*d within an international conceptual fashion movement most visibly associated with Belgium’s Martin Margiela. There is an introduction by Mark Stocker and a series of short essays by scholars of art and fashion, including Simone Drichel, Peter Leech, Robyn Notman, Peter Shand and Peter Stupples, complemented by a biography and bibliography on NOM*d’s Creative Director Margarita Robertson. This publication will be of interest to students and scholars of fashion and culture, as well as the larger public. 

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